Van Rental Dilemma? Pick Your Best Van With 1st City Van Hire

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Are you planning to take a road trip with your family but have no idea how to pick a rental car? Well, we can assure you that the best option for a family trip is to rent a van. But even finding the right van rental service requires proper planning. There are a number of factors that you will have to take into account if you want a convenient trip without a pocket pinch.

Here are a few things to ponder before you rent a van!

Before you start your search for vans to rent, you might need a few pointers to assist you in your selection process.

How many passengers will be travelling with me?

It is never a bad idea to evaluate your needs before you start looking for a van rental service. If you are travelling with a group of friends, you might need a larger van than while travelling with family. Rent a van with plenty of luggage space if people are going to carry bags too.

What will my vacation itinerary be?

One of the best ways to avoid the challenges that come up at the eleventh hour is to plan ahead. It is important to plan for things like funding, the fastest routes, and cargo space beforehand. If you come up with a travel plan, you won’t have to deal with challenges such as having a small van for a large group. For proper planning, sit down with those attending the trip and plan how much space is needed in the van. You should also agree on the size of the luggage each passenger should carry to ensure that it will fit in your rental.

What are the market prices for van rental services?

Rental companies charge different rates for their vehicles, and the rates can be hourly, fixed-day rates, or payment per mile. The rental companies with the lowest prices in the market are often not the best option. A high price also does not guarantee an excellent experience. Therefore, compare the quotes provided by each company to choose which one best suits your needs. Be careful not to miss out on the hidden costs while comparing prices, such as:

  • Extra driver charge
  • Drop-off expenses
  • Tax liabilities
  • Toll costs
  • Insurance cover

Do I have my insurance coverage at hand?

Every time you travel in a moving vehicle or van, you are quite exposed to the risk of an accident. If you need a small van to hire while travelling, it’s likely that you have not driven the roads before. This increases the chances of accidents. So, for the ultimate peace of mind when travelling, be sure you have the appropriate insurance coverage. Some rental agencies offer insurance for the driver but might not cover other passengers in the vehicle, especially when they are providing you with both the van and the driver.

How large a vehicle do I need?

Choose a van size that you feel comfortable operating. Manoeuvring a big vehicle could be challenging, particularly in traffic. When travelling by car, there may be spots where the roads are narrow or there may not be enough parking space. Although smaller vans are more comfortable to manoeuvre in heavy traffic, they may not provide enough space if you have a large group of friends or a lot of luggage.

Find the best automatic van to hire in London today!

The secret to a pleasurable and reasonably priced road trip with family or friends is a proper van rental service. 1st City Van Hire can offer you a high-quality van in any size you require in London and more. For all inquiries, feel free to use our online form. We have an online booking facility as well. You can also schedule a consultation by visiting our headquarters in South Woodford.

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